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Fair-est yard sale of them all
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Warren County Fairgrounds was transformed into a hotbed of retail activity Saturday, complete with burgers, kettle corn and live entertainment.
Thousands of people were in attendance for the Southern Standard’s Marketville & Car Show, which was deemed a huge success.
“We’ve had so many positive comments, we’re thinking of doing another one in the fall,” said Standard publisher Patricia Zechman. “It would be in late October or early November so as not to coincide with the Autumn Street Fair.”
Visitors were treated to a wide selection of merchandise from 25-cent yard sale items to various crafts.
“I’ve already made one trip to the car,” said Shirley Neal, who was loaded down with shopping bags and was about to make trip No. 2. “There are some really great deals here.”
McMinnville resident Dale Crow was happy to participate as a vendor. He enjoys selling his yard-sale merchandise.
“I’ve been in the 400-mile yard sale before,” said Crow. “It stretches from Kentucky to Alabama.”
Amanda Turner was doing well at her booth selling items her 5-year-old daughter Brooklyn can no longer wear.
“If you want little girl’s stuff, I’ve got it,” said Turner. “We’ve done pretty well. I’ve sold a lot of clothes and pageant dresses. Something like this is great for back-to-school shopping for the people who can’t afford to go out and buy new.”
Some regular merchants took advantage of the $25 booth space to bring items from their store to the fairgrounds. Teresa Honeycutt of Special Effects at Plaza Shopping Center was one of them. She specializes in tie-dye apparel and other hippie-related items.
“We have the most colorful booth out here,” said Honeycutt while sitting in front of some tie-dye shirts.
Neiman Kell, who lives near the Irving College community, set up a booth featuring his nice woodwork.
“I’ll do three or four shows a year,” said Kell. “The show at Beersheba Springs is always one of them. I get different woodworking ideas as I travel around. Then I come home and try to make it happen.”
Marketville & Car Show was an all-day event from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.