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Evans, 65, given 120 days for stalking two women
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A man who stalked and harassed two women will serve 120 days in jail and have to go for mental health counseling.
The defendant, James H. Evans, 65, was sentenced to serve 120 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley. He was also warned not to have any further contact with either of his female victims.
His sentence comes after the two women say he harassed them. One victim maintains Evans accosted her at Walmart, saying he asked her if she was married and then began following her throughout the store. She also said he would harass her at other times when she was at the store and noted he began driving by her house. She said she did not know him before the chance encounter at Walmart.
“He drives by my house at least once a day to the point I have memorized his tag number,” the victim said in her warrant, noting she had learned Evans was also charged with harassing another woman.
The other victim said she was approached by Evans at the fair last year and that he made lewd comments to her about sexual acts. He denied making the comments. She took out warrants a week before the woman charged him with the stalking that began at Walmart.