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EMS hoping for good news on grant request
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Warren County EMS applied in September for a grant to purchase a patient loading system for each of its eight ambulances.
Warren County EMS director Brian Jennings submitted a quarterly report to County Executive John Pelham stating, “As of this month, we still haven’t received any confirmation that we have been awarded the funds, but it does look promising with all the information that’s being requested from FEMA.”
The patient loading system is a Power-LOAD power-loading cot fastener system.
The system should reduce the risk of injuries when loading and unloading cots to and from ambulances. This should reduce spinal loads and the risk of cumulative trauma injuries, according to the Power-LOAD brochure.
Operator injuries result from repetitive spinal loading. The Power-LOAD cot fastener system is designed to load and unload a compatible cot with the touch of a button reducing injuries to the back.
The system is designed to lift patients weighing up to 700 pounds.
The cots:
• Eliminate the need to steer the cot into and out of the ambulance.
• Minimize patient drops by supporting the cot until the wheels are on the ground.
• Meets dynamic crash test standards for maximized occupant safety.
• Features an easy-to-use manual backup system, allowing complete operation in the event of power loss.
• Lifts or lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance, eliminating spinal loads that can result in cumulative trauma injuries.