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Educators study ways to improve ACT scores
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With Warren County students slipping below the state average in ACT scores, the Warren County Board of Education has placed a high priority on improving the college entrance exam numbers.
“Our goal is to move up one point each year for the next four years,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
The goal comes after Warren County dropped a few tenths of a percent in its ACT scores last year, leaving it at an average score of 18.1 compared to the state average which is 19.7. The ACT is a component in college admissions, considered alongside the student’s GPA and other factors.
Cox said the school system has a clear plan as how to approach the issue, that being an enhanced ACT preparation program where students are given assistance in getting ready for the test long before they take it.
“We begin preparing for the ACT when they begin school, not right before they take it,” Cox said noting ACT prep curriculum will be part of the emphasized course work.
During the School Board meeting in which the ACT scores were discussed, it was revealed 162 students were already enrolled in the ACT prep course as the school year began.
Director of Instruction Betty Wood noted the school system also has access to software which is proven to help improve ACT scores. OdysseyWare as it is called is used by the school system to help improve student grades in several areas. Wood believes it can also be used to assist in ACT achievement.
Presently, the school system buy-in to the program has limited access as only so many persons can be on the software at one time. However, on the upside, the program is available around the clock. This means a student, if he or she was so disposed, could log on and study at 2 a.m. and study from any location since the program can be accessed from any computer, with Internet access, in the world.
“You would be surprised that some students have a learning time at very late hours,” Wood told the School Board, revealing she has seen some great improvements in students who have worked with OdysseyWare.
Cox said he believes the goal of increasing scores by one point each year is very attainable as long as the test prep becomes a high priority in the regular course curriculum.