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Educator to give teaching tips at library
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Noted educator William E. Hovenden, PhD, will present a free seminar entitled “Helping Students Develop Their Intellectual Abilities” on Thursday, Oct. 9, at Magness Library.
“It is important our children and youth learn specific information in preparing to become leaders in our communities and throughout the world,” said Hovenden. “However, it is even more critical they develop their intellectual potential.”
Hovenden has moved to Warren County and is currently a member of McMinnville’s Breakfast Rotary Club. He has more than four decades as an educator at the state, college and K-12 levels and offers workshops on various topics, such as habits of Highly Effective Teachers, Developing Intrinsic Motivation in Students, The Servant Leader in the School Community, Authentic Teaching: Breaking the Classroom Mold, and working with teachers and parents to empower and inspire participants.
The seminar at Magness Library is designed to teach parents and teachers techniques and strategies to help their children and students improve their critical thinking skills.
Continues Hovenden, “We need to change the focus in our schools from results to the process. Children who love to learn, who are engaged, will naturally achieve. We need to change the focus in our schools from acquisition to thinking skills. Children who focus only on getting top grades are often reluctant to attempt difficult challenges, while the engaged students thrive on tough challenges. The basic rationale for this project is the fact we often view the ability of children to become better thinkers as limited. We talk about a child’s IQ as if it were fixed.”
Hovenden began his career in the Peace Corps as a high school teacher and community developer in Cameroon, Africa. Upon returning to the U.S., he was director of the Commission on Regional Cooperation with the Southern Regional Educational Board.
The free seminar will be held at Magness Library on Oct. 9 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. For more information call Magness Library at 473-2428.