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Easley released after threatening officers with table leg
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A mentally ill man who confronted officers in the middle of Nashville Highway with a table leg in his hand has been released on time served.
The man, Brett Easley, was given a six-month sentence by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. His sentence, however, was commuted to probation with the exception of time already served.
He was arrested after he walked away from Generations in the Crisp Springs Road area. The facility, which is one of nine in Warren County, specializes in assisted living for the mentally ill. While having technicians at the homes, Generations officials say they are prohibited by law from forcibly making their clients return to the property if they walk off.
This was the case with Easley as the employee on duty was unable to coax him back into the residence. Officials suspect a change in his medication could have prompted his erratic behavior.
After the client walked away from the facility, law enforcement was called. Officers intercepted the man on Nashville Highway not far from the facility, walking down the middle of the road with traffic racing past him on both sides at highway speeds. An attempt to lure him off the road by officers was met with a violent response by Easley, who reportedly swung the table leg at officers. He was eventually taken into custody.
Judge Locke said Easley will be permitted to return to Generations if the facility will still take him. If not, then he was directed to return to Nashville to live with his family.