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Durham employees make a splash
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Durham School Services employees went from transporting local students to getting carried away with dishing out some justice to its general manager Brian Riley.
As a end-of-year treat, Riley volunteered to rent a dunking booth and allow his employees to take their best shot.
“Give me what you’ve got,” Riley said to Donhua Cantrell, Durham’s router/dispatcher, who was the first to take a stab at bringing down the boss.
“After everything I’ve been through this year, he’s going down,” Cantrell said, with a large smile on her face. “This isn’t vengeance, it’s justice.”
Her prediction was right on target. Riley hit the water then, as well as several times to follow by other Durham employees.
Temperatures on Friday were in the mid-60s.
“I had thought I would be safe setting this event for June,” said Riley. “I assumed the temperature would be in the 80s or 90s. Who knew? The water is freezing. I should have brought a change of clothes. ”
Prior to the dipping, Riley congratulated his employees on a successful year.
“We faced many challenges over the last year,” he said. “It’s because of you guys that we have overcome. It’s not fair for me to take the credit. It goes to you.”
He decided to take the plunge to allow his employees a chance to get even for any troubles he may have caused them.
“I guess this time is for you to get back at me for all I’ve done over the last year,” said Riley. “Please keep in mind that I’ve tried to be a good boss. I guess now we will see how you truly feel about me.”
The event was held at the Pavilion behind McMinnville Civic Center. Barbecue, hot dogs, chips and drinks were provided to Durham employees and their families.