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Drug smuggling charges levied at Rogers
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An inmate faces drug smuggling charges after he tried to swallow the evidence, evidence that could have killed him had he been successful.
The inmate, Chad Rogers, 22, reportedly tried to swallow numerous Xanax pills to avoid having them confiscated by jailers. The prescription relaxants can cause drowsiness and, in large amounts, can put the user into a coma or even cause death. Rogers was prevented from swallowing the entire bottle.
Rogers was at the jail after he was caught shoplifting at Walmart. The arresting officer, McMinnville Police Sgt. Ben Cantrell, said he asked Rogers if he had any drugs on him when they pulled up at the jail.
“He stated he did not have any illegal items or narcotics on his person,” Cantrell recalled, noting it was soon discovered Rogers was lying. “While at Warren County Jail, Rogers was observed with half a green pill on his food tray.”
Corrections officers confronted Rogers about the pill, prompting him to try to dispose of the rest of the evidence.
“He pulled a white bottle from his underwear and attempted to swallow numerous pills that were inside the bottle,” Cantrell said.
Five green tablets were recovered. Rogers told jailers the pills were Xanax.
Rogers will face hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Feb. 2.
He is charged with introduction of drugs in the jail, tampering with evidence, theft and possession of drugs.