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Driver license kiosk offered
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Warren County’s Driver Testing Center is still on its way out, but The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has offered to install a self-service driver license kiosk at the office of Warren County Clerk Lesa Scott.
Kiosks have been used in Driver Testing Centers for the past few years as an option for citizens seeking to renew or replace their driver license only. It cannot be used by someone seeking to obtain their first driver license or an ID card.
County Executive Herschel Wells made the announcement to county Safety Committee members Teddy Boyd, chair, Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan.
“I met with assistant commissioner Lori Bullard,” said Wells. “What they are wanting to do with the commission’s approval is to put a kiosk in Lesa’s office. We don’t have to do anything with it. It’s got the number to call if they have a problem. The paper will be stored in the machine. You can do everything there but get a new license.”
Described by the department as very efficient and user friendly, the kiosk directs users from start to finish. Most transactions are complete within a few minutes, at which time the individual will be issued a valid, but temporary, paper license and receipt. The Department of Safety will then mail your new plastic license or ID. It only accepts debit and credit cards as payment.
Wells says Tennessee Highway Patrol will remain in Warren County and is being housed at E-911.
“The 911 Board has already approved it,” said Wells. “There are three rooms out there the Tennessee Highway Patrol can use.”
Wells says he was slightly disappointed in his meeting with Bullard. While he brought Commissioner Terry Bell with him, who is the chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, to discuss financial options for retaining the facility, the only topic Bullard wanted to discuss was placement of a kiosk.
“This is what Mrs. Bullard had us,” said Bell. “It looks like this is about the way they are leaning. She didn’t talk about anything else, did she Terry? I had the chairman protem there just in case I wasn’t there. He’s the head of Budget and Finance. I thought we would talk about it, but they didn’t mention anything about keeping it. They are going to close it, it seems like.”
Bouldin asked, “What about the pictures on the driver license?”
“No pictures,” said Wells. “You only have your picture taken every 16 years.”
Scott’s office is located in the Warren County Administrative Building on Locust Street.