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Driver describes knife attack
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Saying there was blood everywhere, the driver who witnessed his passenger’s throat being slashed by a knife-wielding felon recalled the moments leading up to the attempted murder.
“I saw blood go everywhere,” the 22-year-old driver, Anthony McCormick, testified during preliminary hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke for Abel Cabrerra Torres, 31, who is accused of attempted murder.
Torres was bound to the grand jury on attempted murder charges Tuesday afternoon for slashing the throat of Jared Hendrixson and then trying to run him down in a stolen car last month. Hendrixson survived after extensive treatment.
Torres fled the scene of the attack on Pike Hill Road in the stolen car and abandoned it in a creek off Yager Road. He was caught a few minutes later by deputies.
According to the driver, he barely knew Torres or Hendrixson. “I met Jared four days before and I had seen Torres once, but didn’t talk to him.”
McCormick said he was at a girl’s house minutes before the cutting and Hendrixson was there too. At some point, Hendrixson said he needed to take some clothes from the girl’s house and take them to Torres. McCormick agreed to drive and minutes later they found Torres walking down Smithville Highway.
“They said they were cool,” McCormick recalled the men saying to one another when Torres climbed into the backseat of the car. Hendrixson was seated in the front seat on the passenger’s side.
McCormick said he didn’t hear any arguing between the two as he turned onto Pike Hill Road.
“Out of my side vision I saw Torres rise up over the seat and then there was blood every-where,” McCormick testified, noting he brought the car to a stop as Hendrixson rolled out, clutching his throat.
Fearing he might be next, McCormick threw the car in reverse and stopped, bailing out him-self. Torres then got behind the wheel even as a man with a gun came running. McCormick said he does not know who the armed man was, but that Torres brandished the knife out the window and took off, hitting Hendrixson as he sped away.
Under cross examination by Torres attorney Hilton Conger, McCormick continued to insist there was nothing leading up to the attack. Sources in the case say the tension between Torres and Hendrixson was over a girl.
Torres remains in jail waiting for his case to go before the grand jury. He faces 15 to 40 years on the charge and also owes the state four years for violation of parole. He was on parole for trying to kill a female clerk during a botched robbery of Pit Stop North in 1999. Torres was just 16 when he shot the clerk in the arm with a high-powered rifle as she was in her car.
A Good Samaritan saved her from certain death as the teen reportedly intended to kill the clerk on that occasion. He got a 20-year sentence for the attempted murder of the clerk and Good Sa-maritan. His sentence on those charges does not expire until 2019.