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Dr. Harrub stresses God as creator
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Where did we come from? For years, humans have debated creationism versus evolutionism. Did a higher being form the universe including Earth and give us life, or did a Big Bang happen and we all evolved?
Those were questions pondered recently by Dr. Brad Harrub, who traveled to McMinnville to hold a seminar for F.C. Boyd Christian students on the school’s campus. Harrub is a popular speaker on Christian evidences and has lectured in 47 states and five different continents. He was an invited speaker to the International Conference on Creationism and has also appeared on the TV show “Origins.”
Harrub holds a PhD in anatomy and neurobiology from the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee at Memphis and is widely known for the scientific approach he takes in providing the evidence that supports man’s origins from God. He disputes the teachings of evolution as fact. 
Harrub’s website states, “Times have changed. There used to be a time in which the majority of people believed in God and even professed some form of Christianity. Sadly today, Christianity has fallen under attack as more and more people compromise their faith or completely turn their back on God. Textbooks today are indoctrinating students with the ideals of atheism, humanism, and evolution. Christians need to know why they believe what they believe ... and they need the evidence for their beliefs.”
Boyd principal Tabetha Sullens said, “Dr. Harrub spoke plainly about the importance of understanding the evidences proving the origin of man from God. He stated that public schools and colleges are teaching evolution in their science classes as a fact without sound evaluation of the evidence. The students need to ask their teachers where the evidence for evolution is, noting that their evidence is Hollywood, not science. They’re not looking at the evidence. Instead, they are trying to take God out of the picture. Our middle and high school students were blessed to participate in his ‘Truth About Origins’ seminar.”
 When a Boyd student asked Dr. Harrub what made him want to go around the world speaking against evolution, he replied, “I decided to be a physician of the soul rather than a medical doctor.”
 “Dr. Harrub continues to teach and share his messages on the origins of earth providing evidence that supports a Christian world view, a valuable message for the Boyd students as they prepare for their future endeavors,” said Sullens.
 Harrub has authored several books including “Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity” and also serves as executive director and co-founder of Focus Press and as co-editor of Think magazine, a monthly magazine on Christian Evidences. 
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