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Dorris jailed for threatening his mother
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A man will serve a month behind bars for threatening to kill his mother’s dogs with a ham knife over a $400 check.
The son, Timothy Wayne Dorris, 38, entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the amended charge of domestic assault. He was directed to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence and must undergo batterer intervention and a mental health exam. He was originally charged with felony assault which could have cost him three to six years in prison.
According to sheriff’s deputy Jared Jacobs, the issue that landed him in jail began when Dorris’ mother received a check in the mail for $400. She said she did want to tell her son about the check but he overheard her telling someone else and confronted her about it.
“He tried to take the check from her,” Jacobs said, noting a fight ensued. “When she did not do as he requested, he pushed a table into her leg, causing a bruise. He then shoved her into a couch.”
The mother said her son kept threatening her, prompting her to try to text her daughter. However, Dorris reportedly took the phone away from her.
“She feared for her life,” the deputy noted, adding she was terrorized for a couple of days by her son who kept making threats.
“At one point, he grabbed a ham knife and said he was going to kill her dogs in front of her,” said Jacobs, noting the son also told his mother, “I ought to kill you,” during the ordeal. “He then threw the knife into the carpet and shook a hammer at her.”