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DesJarlais visits street fair
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Congressman Scott DesJarlais described the partisan bickering in Washington as “shameful” and said the lack of cooperation is hurting the nation.
“It’s my first time up there so I was shocked with how little people are willing to work together,” said DesJarlais. “I know people are frustrated because I’m frustrated and I’m the one who is up there. Politicians can’t seem to look past the next election. I know there is common ground but no one wants to risk giving the other party any credit. It’s shameful.”
DesJarlais, a Republican who represents the 4th District, made his comments yesterday at the Autumn Street Fair. He was elected in November.
DesJarlais spent time at the Republican booth shaking hands and listening to concerns from constituents. His top priority continues to be job creation as he says he hears more about jobs than any other topic.
“Coming a close second would be getting government out of the way as far as regulations that are suppressing job growth,” said DesJarlais. “Right after that would be the deficit.”
DesJarlais says Congress recently passed a farm bill which took spending back to 2006 levels. He says ethanol is one of the subsidies which is receiving heavy scrutiny right now.
“Ethanol seems to be on everyone’s radar and I think we’re getting away from ethanol subsidies,” he said.
Since DesJarlais serves on the Education Workforce Committee, he says his upcoming plans include modifying the No Child Left Behind Act.
“This is essentially a failed program that got its start under the Bush administration,” said DesJarlais. “We have to find a way to make it work better. One of the biggest problems is you may have one or two challenged students who are bringing down a whole school.”