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Deputies investigate home invasion
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A woman was stabbed Thursday afternoon when she said a masked man entered her Willow Way home while she was getting in the shower and attempted to rob her.
The woman, Angela Gunter, was taken to River Park Hospital by the Warren County Emergency Ambulance Service for treatment of multiple cuts to her arms. The injuries are not believed to be serious.
The victim told lawmen she was getting in the shower while alone inside her home when she heard the sound of an intruder. Upon checking to see the source of the noise, she told investigators, she was confronted by a masked man of medium build, the robber wearing a dark coat and camouflage pants.
She said the intruder was clutching a knife and demanded her valuables. At some point, the victim said a struggle took place during which she suffered the numerous knife wounds. The robber then reportedly ran out the back of her house and disappeared into a nearby wooded area.
The home is located at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Willows subdivision off Willow Way.
Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene within a few minutes of the woman’s call from inside the house. They attempted to track the reported robber using their tracking dog. However, the canine was unable to pick up a scent. A large-scale search of the area surrounding the victim’s home turned up nothing. Officers remained at the home into the late afternoon hours looking for clues.
Nearby residents revealed the neighborhood has always been a quiet area, noting they heard or saw nothing unusual around the time of the incident.