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Dark tint leads to large meth bust
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A Grundy County couple faces felony drug and weapons charges after they were caught smuggling a large amount of methamphetamine when they were pulled over for having window tint that was too dark.
The pair, Mark Johnson, 32, and Shae Lewis, 30, both of Tracy City, are charged with possession of meth over a half gram. Johnson is also charged with possession of a weapon during a dangerous felony. They both face Sept. 30 preliminary hearing dates.
Johnson was pulled over by McMinnville Police Sgt. Ben Cantrell after the officer noticed the illegally dark tint on the windows of his Jaguar X3. Cantrell pulled him over at Northgate Center and confirmed his suspicion that the tint was too dark. It was during that time, dispatch revealed Johnson was wanted out of Shelby County (Memphis) for felony violation of probation. The officer immediately placed him into custody.
The lawman then began a search of the Jaguar and quickly found a small plastic container of meth in the glove box. He also found a 40-caliber Derringer under the front passenger seat. Johnson claimed ownership of the gun.
A further search of the vehicle netted the big hit when police found a large stash of meth.
“A search revealed 124 grams (4.428 ounces) of methamphetamine inside a false bottom on a STP tire care can in the rear floorboard,” Cantrell revealed, noting the discovery of the large amount of drugs led to his passenger also being arrested.
An attempt by Johnson to get a lower bond was rejected by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke given the large amount of drugs and his being a fugitive from justice at the time of his arrest.