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Crews work late to help clear roads
A city snowplow makes its way down Madison Street on Saturday.

While many motorists are staying off the streets, road crews have been out in force in an effort to clear the snow.
"City workers went into the night and were then back again early this morning," McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley said Saturday. "TDOT is out as well. Police and emergency personnel are on duty because roads are slick and dangerous. It's recommended people stay in and drive only if necessary. We are lucky that there are no power outages. MES makes sure our lights stay on. I thank all city, county and state employees for their hard work and diligence in their efforts to make it safe for citizens."
Haley went on to encourage residents to enjoy this weather and the chance to spend time with family.
"Enjoy the time when we can sled, build snowmen and drink a little hot chocolate with friends and family," said Haley. "We do not have weather like this anymore. Count our blessings it is not a blizzard like it is up north. Keep those people in our prayers."
Haley says the city has three plow trucks out and a salt vehicle.

TDOT working hard on state roads. No major incidents.
Be safe.