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Couple charged with stealing checks
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A homeless couple from Nashville who financed their living passing stolen checks they found in an abandoned building have been charged with theft after their spree came to a sudden end.The suspects, Johnathan Dunn and Jessica Boehmer, have been bound to the grand jury on the charge of felony theft.Their charges come after police stopped them when they fled the local Kroger store where it had been discovered they had been passing stolen checks there, taking Kroger for a $1,235 ride with 10 stolen checks.A search of their vehicle netted checks from a business called Adams Sign Company from Nashville. It was learned the couple had been passing the checks at various locations throughout the Midstate, including businesses in McMinnville.“They had even passed one for their car tags at the clerk’s office here,” said McMinnville police investigator Todd Rowland in his testimony against Dunn during preliminary hearing.During his investigation, Rowland said he learned the couple had been living at homeless shelters in Nashville until they ran up on a building abandoned after the Nashville floods. Inside Dunn found a stash of checks belonging to the sign company and began passing them at various locations in Nashville.“He passed one at Rivergate Mall and after that went through he started passing more,” Rowland noted, pointing out Dunn admitted passing up to 45 checks in Nashville alone.