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County wants to reduce out-of-county dumping
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In an effort to curb the number of vehicles bearing out-of-county license plates using Warren County convenience centers, County Commissioner Kenneth Rogers brought a motion before the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee to reward constables who cite these offenders. His motion states, “Any constable who will write tickets for illegal tags for those who live in Warren County but buy out-of-county tags to avoid supporting the wheel tax, receive a portion of the fine. Also, in this motion, anyone who is caught by a constable dumping illegally at our dumpsters will be ticketed and that constable will receive a portion of that fine.”“We are losing revenue sources because people are living in the county and are not paying for county tags,” said Rogers.Warren County Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis estimates the county is losing over $40,000 a year due to out-of-county residents using Warren County’s convenience centers to dump their trash.