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County votes to terminate Animal Control director
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Members of Warren County Health and Welfare Committee have voted to terminate Warren County Animal Control director Tammy Webb.The motion passed 5-0 on Tuesday night.Webb’s termination stems from the fact she was arrested Aug. 6 for the manufacture, delivery and sale of marijuana that was found growing on Animal Control property in July. Webb’s son, Jonathan Ewell Smith, was arrested July 9 by deputies who had the area under surveillance after receiving a tip from someone saying marijuana was being grown on the property located on Paws Lane.Following Smith’s arrest, officers had reason to believe Webb was also involved.Incriminating text messages sent from Webb’s phone to Smith’s phone, along with the fact Webb had purchased the hoses used to water the plants and the potting soil used to fertilize the plants, all led to her being charged.“The text message said, ‘Get out of the patch. The police are everywhere.’ That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for misinterpretation,” said County Executive John Pelham. “ I’m very sorry for the situation.