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County votes to fund IDB after all
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Commissioner Herschel Wells, chairman of the county’s Budget and Finance Committee, has changed his mind and made a motion asking the committee to give the Industrial Development Board the $250,000 it requested.
Commissioner Michael Martin was not happy about this proposal and said to Wells, “You hollered at the last meeting you didn’t want to give them $250,000. You’ve changed your mind.”
“I did that just to get their attention. I think we got their attention,” Wells responded.
Wells was vocal at a previous meeting about not funding the IDB as long as Jeff McCormick is the industrial recruiter. That sentiment is still held by Michael Martin, who wanted to amend the motion to say if the IDB does not get rid of McCormick, it will not get any money.
Commissioner Terry Bell said he believes the IDB is working to get rid of McCormick. He proposed to give the IDB $75,000 until the end of December and let the full County Commission vote whether to give the IDB the remaining $75,000 at the end of the year.
That makes $150,000. The additional $100,000 would be used for an addition to Miniature Precision Components (MPC), or to build Spec Building 3.
The committee voted 4-1 to give the IDB the full contribution of $150,000 of which they can draw the first $75,000 prior to Dec. 31. Giving the remaining $75,000 will be voted on by the full County Commission in December.
The $100,000 would be available pending County Commission approval.