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County tax increase may be looming
Revenue losses begin to accumulate
Warren County Executive Herschel Wells
Will Warren County’s streak of years without a property tax increase come to an end? Losses in revenue, an increase in expenses, and a desire to retain the Driver Testing Center may require one.“We know we’re losing $300,000 in property tax through Saint Thomas,” said Warren County Executive Herschel Wells referring to our hospital now being entirely owned by a nonprofit.It’s been 13 years since the county last had a property tax increase.Also hurting the county is an agreement between the city and county which returns 4 percent of an estimated $2 million in local option sales tax, over a 25-year period, to the city due to school consolidation.The 4 percent is compounded annually. At an estimated $2 million a year, 4 percent is $80,000 annually.