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County set to vote on $75.4M budget
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Warren County commissioners will meet next Monday, July 15, with proposals to approve the $75.4 million county budget, over half of which, $47.3 million, is allocated toward the general purpose school fund.The over $75 million county budget includes:• County commission - $227,700• County executive - $135,945 (includes county executive’s salary and administrative assistant’s salary)• County attorney - $140,000• Sheriff’s department - $2,655,841• Jail - $2,630,123• Ambulance service - $2,811,052The $2,899,950 allotted for the ambulance service includes $62,988 for Civil Defense and $25,910 for the Rescue Squad with the remaining $2,811,052 going to the Ambulance Service/ Emergency Medical Services.The airport will received $1,358,971 which will be spent for the following:• $683,000 - airport improvement.This money will go toward improving the airport and is considered a 10 percent match for federal funds which will pay for 90 percent of the cost of improvements to the airport via grant projects.• $320,000 - fuel purchasePurchased fuel is resold to refuel planes landing at and flying out of the airport.• $156,000 - Payroll for five airport employees (one director, two full-time and two part-time)The largest chunk of the $47.3 million school fund is going toward the regular instruction program. That program has $23.9 million allocated.Other parts of the school fund are:• $3,784,500 - Operation of plant• $3,426,900 - Special education program• $2,093,100 - Office of the principal• $1,944,200 - Vocational educational program• $1,600,000 - Transportation• $770,900 - Board of EducationThe Board of Education budget includes $335,000 in trustee’s fee charged for handling the school’s money; $205,000 in workmen’s compensation for the entire school system; all salary supplements, membership fees and travel expenses (for training) for the six board members.• $203,100 - Director of SchoolsThe Director of Schools budget includes $100,800 allocated for the director’s salary even though Director Bobby Cox’s salary is not that much, the administrative assistant’s salary, and $59,000 to pay the communication or phone bill for all Central Office phones.The Warren County Commissioner’s meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom of the Administrative Building on Locust Street.