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County rejects school spending limit
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Director of Schools Bobby Cox asked the county’s Financial Management Committee to reconsider raising the school system’s spending limit from $5,000 to $10,000 before having to obtain permission from the Warren County Commission.The current bid limit means the school system must gain approval from the county for any purchase over $5,000.The vote continues a string of differences between the county and its school system that goes back to buying land for the new Morrison school.Members of the Financial Management Committee had asked for time to think about Cox’s request, made weeks ago, and decided to vote on it last week. Cox was not at the meeting.The committee refused Cox’s request with a vote of 5-1.“I think increasing the bid limit would make a smoother operation as far as paperwork is concerned,” said Cox yesterday. “Most things we bid on are above the $5,000 limit but many fall below $10,000.