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County ready to unleash lawn police
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The panel is set. Non-city residents who wish to dispute an Overgrown Vegetation Violation citation will be allowed to go before a county committee of three.
The Warren County Commission accepted a resolution 24-0 Monday night that named Raymond T. Holland, Bessie Smithson, and Tommy Savage to serve a four-year term to expire in January 2019. The trio will listen to property owners who feel they were wrongly given a violation from Building and Codes director Nolan Ming.
“I haven’t thought too much about enforcing this until we have this panel in place,” said Ming. “There are quite a few properties I intend to pursue once this is put in place. This panel will provide backing for what I’m doing.”
Ming says a citation will be given to a property owner whose grass is allowed to grow too high or who allows debris, like fallen limbs, to accumulate.
Panel members will meet “intermittently as needed.” Members won’t have any judicial powers. However, they will decide if Ming was right or wrong in giving the citation.
While the resolution outlined the establishment of a panel, its members, the terms they will serve, and that they will be unpaid volunteers, it did not determine how high is too high for grass to grow.
Ming says the panel will be tasked with making that decision.
“I think there needs to be a height for the grass,” Ming said. “At this time, it’s open to interpretation.”
When panel members meet for the first time, consideration will be given to setting guidelines.