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County parking issues surface
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Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency director Kim Luton asked members of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee to designate parking for her organization’s vans. They presently have 12 vans and will possibly obtain two more vans soon.
“When I first started, we only had five vans. Now we are having growing pains. This is a good problem to have,” said Luton.
UCHRA drivers have been involved in minor accidents in the parking areas surrounding the UCHRA office which is housed at Warren County Administrative Offices on Locust Street.
County Executive John Pelham said parking surrounding the building is harder to find because more county employees are now working at the building.
“Early voting uses many parking spaces but that only happens every election. Even without early voting we are tight. We have probably added 12-15 new workers. Our parking lot is full because we have seven new people working in the Finance Department and Brad Price (director of 31st Judicial drug court) and his people need spaces. He has three or four working in his office and he has people who come to see him regularly,” said Pelham.
Committee members discussed where the best parking spots to put the UCHRA vans would be located. The side of the building between UCHRA and Spring Street is dark and would lead itself to vandals said Pelham.
“Why can’t we put up a security light and a camera pointed at the buses?” asked Commissioner Michael Martin. “We should be able to catch anyone who comes in and messes with the buses.”
Committee chairman Carl Bouldin said, “It looks to me like the upper parking spots between here and North Chancery Street would be the best. We can put up a couple of bright security lights and ask the police to drive by and patrol the area. Out there, someone is passing by 24 hours a day. You would also have more room out there and less potential for accident,” Bouldin said.
Pelham agreed saying, “We can get with McMinnville Electric to see what it will take to light that up like a football field. We can also add a security camera pointed in that direction.”