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County moves toward beautifying courthouse
The county has agreed to accept bids to make upgrades at Warren County Courthouse.

Warren County is seeking to beautify its courthouse and administrative building.
At the courthouse, the county is looking at renovating or replacing the exterior trim, caulking windows, and pressure washing the sidewalks and steps. Building and Grounds Committee chairman Carl E. Bouldin brought the measure before members Thursday after discussing the need with County Executive Herschel Wells.
“The trim around the top of the courthouse is getting in really, really bad shape,” said Bouldin. “I’ve been wanting to get it fixed for a long time. Herschel said go ahead and get it approved through this committee and get it put out for bids to see what it’s going to cost us to get the trim repaired or replaced, painted and caulked.”
Committee members Bouldin and Commissioners Carolyn Miller, David Rhea, Kenny Roberts and Michael Shane Wilcher voted unanimously to go out for bids on trim work, caulking windows and pressure washing of the sidewalks and steps.
County maintenance director Greg Bowdoin offered to look into performing the pressure washing in-house.
“I have one downstairs we bought brand new,” said Bowdoin. “I bought it for the jail’s grinder. That’s something we might could do.”
Committee members also approved going out for bids on improvements to the administrative building on Locust Street with painting of exterior doors and rails.
“We need to paint the doors and the rails on this building,” said Bouldin. “Some pressure washing could be done here as well.”
The cost of the projects will be known when bids are received.