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County in need of more math, science teachers
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Warren County needs more math and science teachers, according to County Executive John Pelham.Pelham addressed members of the county’s Economic and Agricultural Development Committee by saying, “We have our 2+2 program at Motlow where you can stay here and get your teaching degree but Bobby Cox tells me we have a lot of people going through this program to the extent where we basically have got more K-6 teachers than we can offer opportunities to.”“What is needed right now is math and science teachers. If you get certified in math and science, you can pretty much write your ticket anywhere you want to go. For those students who are at Motlow right now getting their core classes, instead of going into education kindergarten through grade 6, which you can get here, maybe you might want to rethink that and you might want to transfer somewhere to get a degree and be certified in math or science.