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County hires two more judicial commissioners
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Two new judicial commissioners have been chosen to work for the county.
Wally McClaren Jr., and Crystal McGlothen have been offered jobs as fill-in judicial commissioners. They were chosen from a field of 23 applicants, five of whom were interviewed last week.
The hiring of the two new judicial commissioners brings the total to nine, after the resignation of Herb Rowland, who left after nine months on the job. The county added an additional judicial commissioner to alleviate the heavy workload on existing commissioners.
Both McClaren and McGlothen passed their background checks.
“I feel very, very good based on the references and everything we have already gotten that everything will be fine,” said County Executive Pelham.
Five applicants were given a chance to interview, but only four went through the interview process.
Members of the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee asked a series of eight questions to each of the four applicants and scored each from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.
McClaren had a career in law enforcement and is a retired police detective. McGlothen is attending college pursuing a degree in criminal justice.
Judicial commissioners are responsible for issuing criminal arrest warrants upon finding probable cause. During a probable cause hearing, they set bail and issue mittimus, which is paperwork that must be signed by a judicial commissioner when an individual is picked up and brought in by an officer.
The county will have nine judicial commissioners assigned to different shifts. When one is needed, the appropriate person is called to come to the jail. They are given 15 minutes to respond, unless a unforeseen problem arises.
 The two new hires will join Rick Bond, Dawn Cantrell, Jimmy Griffith, Jim Hartman, Hilda Martin, Gerald Rowland and David Williams, who are the current judicial commissioners.