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County considering increasing total donations to nonprofits
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The county is considering giving $80,720 to nonprofit organizations in its budget for fiscal year 2015-16.
“Last year, we donated $77,400,” said County Executive Herschel Wells. “This year, we’re at $80,720. It’s a $3,320 difference.”
Proposed donations were discussed during a Procedures and Rules Committee meeting, of which Wells is chairman. On the committee and in attendance were Commissioners Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carl E. Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Ron Lee, Michael Martin and Diane Starkey.
Despite the increase in the overall amount given from last year, some nonprofits could see a decrease this year:
• Citizens for Progress Scholarship Program $2,000, down from $2,500.
• Governor’s Books from Birth $3,000, down from $3,600.
• Heritage Alliance $1,000, down from $1,300
• Chamber of Commerce $5,000, down from $5,500.
• Food Bank $2,470, down from $3,000.
The decrease to five nonprofits generates $2,430. Combined with the $3,320 increase from last year, the county has an additional $5,750 to divide. Proposed is giving Warren County A&L Fair $10,000, up from last year’s donation of $5,000. Main Street McMinnville’ proposed donation is $1,250, up from $500 given last year.
Proposed to remain unchanged from last year’s donations are: American Red Cross $7,500; CHEER Mental Health $5,000; Families in Crisis $1,000; Senior Center $7,500; Pacesetters $2,000; Sister City Program $5,000; RSVP $500; Volunteer Fire Departments $21,000; Meals on Wheels $2,500; Young Men United $4,000.
The suggested donations passed unanimously. However, the fiscal year budget, donations included, still requires approval by Financial Management Committee and the full Warren County Commission.