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County commissioner bound on gambling charges
Copeland speaks with his attorney Ryan J. Moore following his preliminary hearing Monday morning.
With a video showing County Commissioner Wayne Copeland throwing money on the table for his alleged entry into a poker tournament, the court found probable cause to bind him to the grand jury on gambling charges Monday morning.“He paid the money to enter the Texas Hold ‘Em game and they wrote his name down on the list,” testified the undercover operative who was sitting at the poker table when the county commissioner paid what prosecutors claim was his entry fee into the upcoming poker tournament. “He stood out immediately when he walked in because of the way he was dressed. He didn’t look like he belonged there.”Copeland had come to the location immediately after a County Commission meeting, explaining his semi-formal clothing which stuck out in a building where several were walking around shirtless.Copeland was bound to the grand jury following the preliminary hearing before Special Judge Bratten Cook.