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Counterfeit dollars fluster fair charities
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Counterfeiters have hit the Warren County A&L Fair, passing a pair of fake $20 bills at the Lucky CIC food booth Monday night.
“We haven’t ever had that problem before,” said Lucky CIC vice president Louise Maier after learning from the bank two $20 bills they deposited were found to be counterfeit.
Maier said the bills were likely passed at the Lucky CIC booth Monday but were not discovered until they reached the bank.
“We didn’t think anything about it,” Maier confessed, noting counterfeiters were the furthest thing from their mind when they were earning money for their community center operating the often-crowded food booth.
Since the bills were found by the bank, Maier said she hasn’t had a chance to view the fake bills to see if they are good counterfeits. However, Maier said discussions with other businesses has her convinced some fakes are good enough that even specially-designed pens made to determine counterfeits will not work on them. While being more diligent, she admits it may be difficult to tell the fakes from the real ones.
“It’s pitiful someone would pass them at a place like the fair where people are volunteering to earn money for their charities,” Maier said. “That’s $40 the community center has lost.”
Maier noted the chances are it was a double whammy since the counterfeiters likely enjoyed a meal and then received change made up of real money in exchange for their worthless bills.