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Cost estimate up to $50,000 for new Driver Testing Center
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McMinnville officials are moving forward in an effort to retain the Driver Testing Center and relocate it into the basement of City Hall. A cost estimate is up to $50,000 for the city to upgrade the space.
An update of the process was given during Tuesday’s Building and Grounds Committee meeting. According to McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley, the state has offered to pay for wiring upgrades which will cost more than $17,000.
“They are excited about moving forward and they are very positive about this move,” said Haley. “We did get a bid on the wiring and they are going to take care of the wiring. It’s $17,000 plus. They are working on a memorandum of understanding with the city. It’s like a contract or a lease agreement.”
The state did request, said Haley, the city paint the ceiling and the walls, remove the carpet and replace it with tile, upgrade the bathrooms including fixing the one that’s not functional, add security doors, and improve lighting.
City administrator Bill Brock has been working on the state’s list in order to generate a cost estimate.
“Right now, we’re up to about $50,000 and we’re not done yet,” said Brock. “The main thing is the tile floor. There’s about $15,000 worth of tile floor to be taken care of. It’s a pretty big-sized area.”
Renovation will have to be bid out. Brock says McMinnville Public Works is busy doing other projects and cannot get this project done in the time allotted.
“Public Works is loaded to the hilt,” said Brock. “We can’t do this in-house. With this type of job and size of job and the speed in which it needs to be done in, we just can’t get it done. We’re still working on the Rescue Squad building. We’re trying to get that done a day here and a day there.”
Committee members Steve Harvey, chair, Ryle Chastain, and Ben Newman approved obtaining an agreement from the state for its review. Entering into a contract with the state would require full board approval.