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Cookeville teen vanishes in Penn.
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A Cookeville mother is hoping for a Easter miracle after her 16-year-old daughter disappeared without a trace over three weeks ago while on a church trip in Pennsylvania.
“We just want to know she’s safe,” said mother Carra McNeely of her 16-year-old daughter Annie Nicole McNeely who disappeared while on a Teen Challenge field trip March 21 in Green Castle, Pa. “She had nothing. No phone, no money and she probably didn’t even know where she was.”
McNeely said her daughter’s disappearance is being treated as a runaway since she was with a group which helps troubled teens and given the fact she lived at a Teen Challenge home in Virginia and was far away from any place she knew. Even though her disappearance started as a runaway, McNeely fears something may have happened to her daughter since it has been so long since she disappeared.
“They got off the bus at the church and she dropped her bags and bolted,” McNeely said, noting authorities there believe she has long since left the town of about 4,000. “I don’t think she thought it through.”
McNeely has been to the small Pennsylvania town in search of her daughter. While putting up posters with her picture around town, she believes it is more likely her daughter will make her way back to Tennessee.
“We still think she will come back here if she can because she has so many ties,” McNeely said, noting she is hopeful having the story in Midstate newspapers will lead to someone recognizing her should she return to the area.
Anyone having information concerning the missing team should call local law enforcement. There is a website with more information on the missing teen.