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Convicted sex offender caught with two children
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A convicted sex offender from Nashville faces a return to jail after he was caught here in the company of two small children.
The registered sex offender, Kenneth Lee Burrus, 32, has been charged with violation of the sexual offender registry and could face up to two years under state law.
Burrus was tracked down by McMinnville police officers after they received a tip he was in McMinnville and was circumventing the requirement of his status as a sex offender.
“He was in violation of the sexual offender registry by cutting off his ankle monitor while he was in McMinnville,” said McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland.
Burrus was directed to wear an ankle monitor as part of his sentence. The monitor contains a GPS device so his release supervision officer knows his whereabouts. Removing the monitor basically eliminated the officer’s ability to track him.
Along with cutting off his ankle monitor, Burrus was reportedly in direct violation of the terms of his release.
“He was located on Hardaway Street (West Riverside) in the company of two children, ages 3 and 5,” Rowland revealed. “The conditions of his parole as a sex offender requires he remain away from the company of children.”
On the Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry, Burrus is classified as “sexual against children.” His listing on the registry comes for a conviction in 1999 for sexual battery. He is registered in Nashville where he lists himself as homeless.
State law requires sex offenders to notify law enforcement within 48 hours of any move in address.
Conviction of the crime carries a minimum 90 days in jail for first-time offenders.