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Company tries for second 300-square-foot billboard
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Roland Advertising is back. A second 300-square-foot digital sign will be under consideration by McMinnville’s Board of Zoning Appeals on July 9 after first being denied by the codes department.
The sign, if permitted, will be placed on the corner of Walker Street and N. Chancery Street, across from Kevin’s Pawn Shop. The location previously had a 72-square-foot sign.
“We denied the permit request because what they want is against city code,” said McMinnville Planning and Zoning manager Josh Baker. “The property is zoned C2, which means signs can be no larger than 75 square feet. They want 300.”
Current city code has been in place since 1994. Baker says before that, a 300-foot sign would have been acceptable.
In that change lies the rub. Baker says Roland Advertising is requesting the Board of Zoning Appeals to allow the larger sign because the original sign was placed prior to 1994. Signs placed prior to a codes change are allowed to remain and are considered “non-confirming” signs.
Baker says this particular sign was never larger than city code allows.
“This sign has never been considered a non-confirming sign,” he said. “It was already in compliance with the change in city code back in 1994. It was 72 square feet, which was within the 75-foot requirement. We don’t think the law applies in this situation.”
This is the second attempt by Roland Advertising, owned by Dave Roland, to place a 300-square-foot sign within the city limits. In 2011, the company asked the city for permission to place a sign at the intersection of Smithville Highway and the bypass, one of the busiest intersections in town.
Codes denied the first request because a sign existed 500 feet from the intersection and city code requires these types of signs to be 1,000 feet apart. Roland Advertising asked the Board of Zoning Appeals to consider a 500-foot variance, which would allow the sign’s placement. The request was denied.
The most recent situation will be heard July 9 at city hall beginning at noon.