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Community gathers to pray together
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Praying that revival will sweep our nation, nearly 100 people gathered at the Farmers Market at noon Thursday to join with the rest of the county for National Day of Prayer.
“We need to learn to pray again,” said John Jones of Sunny Hills Baptist Church, telling those on hand that prayer is the key to the problems the world faces. “How many people call themselves Christians but have never spent 15 minutes in prayer?”
Jones said it isn’t about where you go to church, it is that you believe in the one true God.
“Nowhere in the Bible does it say we have to worship in the same place,” Jones noted, saying the many denominations have the same goal, that being, winning the lost to Christ.
Coy Hathcock of Westwood Church of Christ told those gathered downtown there are three main things Christians need to do in today’s world.
“We need to attack our uncertainty with God,” Hathcock declared. “We need to look at his track record of the things he has done.”
Hathcock said it is sometimes a good thing to listen to what God has to say to us.
“He speaks to us through the tough times,” Hathcock said. “Be still and know God is God.”
Jeff Kesley of Campaign Church of God said it is important that service to God begins with the family.
“God is all about the family,” Kesley said. “We need to influence our families toward God.”
That influence means walking a path for others to follow.
“We need to be that example of what God wants us to be,” Kesley said, noting you should always want a closer walk. “Many of us need a revival within our own families.”
Don Spencer of Centertown United Methodist Church quoted the 23rd Psalm, saying there will be times when everyone goes through spiritual valleys.
“I know I will walk through that valley,” Spencer said, noting he knows that God will be with him through that valley to see him to the other side. “The Lord is with me.”
Spencer said he believes Christians should stand up for what is right and just.
“When violence comes, whether it is in McMinnville or Baltimore, we need to stand up against it as Christians,” Spencer said.
Jeff Page of Locust Street Church of God capsulized the Day of Prayer, saying everyone needs to spend daily time in prayer.
“We need to be men and women of prayer,” Page said. “We need to pray without ceasing.”
He noted Christians around the world are being beheaded and persecuted for what they believe. “Christians around the world have given their lives for their faith,” Page said. “Someday, if we aren’t careful, that could happen here. We need to stand up and be counted. We need to stand firm in His word.”
Those on hand for the Day of Prayer joined together with each of the ministers in prayer and then sang the old-time gospel classics – “I Will Tell Jesus” and “Amazing Grace.”