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Committee OKs wheel tax increase of $30
Wheel tax
With a $30 increase, the cost to renew car tags annually in Warren County would be $89 per vehicle.

Facing a $3 million shortfall, the county Budget and Finance Committee on Thursday night unanimously approved a $30 wheel tax increase.

A resolution will be presented to the full Warren County Commission for the $30 increase later this month.

If approved, the measure would double the current wheel tax from $30 to $60. It would increase the total annual cost to register a vehicle in Warren County to $89.

The wheel tax increase proposal comes as county Finance Department director Justin Cotten says county government is facing a $3 million shortfall this coming fiscal year.

To increase the wheel tax, county officials can place a referendum before the voters, or they can pass a wheel tax on their own with two passing reads, both of at least two-thirds majority of the County Commission.

For Warren County, with 24 commissioners, that would require at least 16 votes.

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