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Colorful sign returns to downtown corner
Dr Pepper sign repainted after restoration
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The sign says Dr Pepper is good for life. While it might be difficult to verify that claim, the Dr Pepper sign on the corner of Spring and Morford streets seems good for downtown McMinnville.
A five-month renovation project is now complete and the historic Dr Pepper sign has returned to its familiar location across from the old Warren County Furniture building. Local Dr Pepper distributor Doug Milner and property owner Ryan J. Moore collaborated on the project, which began in early January.
“Doug and I both wanted to bring this sign back to life,” said Moore. “The end result is a new, historically correct sign that all citizens can be proud of. I’m hopeful this will create a greater sense of civic pride in our community and encourage more renovation to our beautiful downtown.”
The sign has long been displayed on the side wall of 117 N. Spring Street, a 100-year-old building now owned by Moore. When steps were taken in January to strengthen the mortar joints and water proof that wall, the sign was painted over during the seven-step process.
This bothered some local residents who called Moore’s law office and expressed their concern the sign had been removed. Now that it’s been repainted, there seems to be a sense of satisfaction.
“There are a lot of things you do in the community that you never get any thanks for,” said Milner. “But this is something where I’ve already had somebody stop by the office and thank me for doing it.”
Moore says he’s had a similar experience in the week since the sign has been complete.
“I’ve already seen graduation and family pictures being taken in front of the sign,” said Moore. “Now that’s a great feeling.”
The colorful sign is 22 feet long and 11 feet tall.