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Cocaine bust yields neglect charge
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A mother faces child neglect charges after police raided her home and found cocaine within the reach of her young children.
The mother, Talina N. Padgett Jantes, 26, is charged with child neglect. Her friend, Robert Kilgore, 23, is charged with possession of cocaine and criminal impersonation as lawmen suspect the cocaine they found inside Jantes’ Westwood Manor apartment belonged to him.
Their arrests came after police received a tip that drugs were being used around small children at the apartment complex. The children in question are a 4-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl, both of whom are Jantes’ children.
According to Police Lt. Mark Mara, officers searched the apartment and found cocaine concealed in a tampon box in the back bathroom.
“Inside the box was pill containers,” Mara revealed. “One of the containers had a substance field tested as cocaine.”
Faced with the evidence, Jantes shifted blame to her friend, Robert Kilgore, who was also at the apartment.
“She provided information that was convincing that it belonged to Kilgore,” Mara said, noting that when he approached Kilgore, the suspect handed him a fake ID. “He identified himself with a license as a David R. Cole.”
Police knew better than to fall for the trick as Kilgore was trying to elude arrest for outstanding warrants against him.
Regardless of whether the cocaine belonged to Kilgore, Jantes was charged with child neglect because she allowed her children to be around the drugs.
“The drugs could have been consumed by the children,” Mara noted, pointing out they were in reaching distance of the children.