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Civic Center renovation set at $4.8M
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McMinnville officials are once again giving consideration to renovating the Civic Center. An estimate puts the price at $4.8 million.
“The Civic Center needs some major renovations with upgrading and its ADA compliance,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord to members of the Parks and Recreation Committee.
In 2008, a renovation of the existing facility was estimated at $1.8 million. However, that estimate would have been upgrading the facility without changing the existing floorplan or expanding it. The $4.8 million estimate would completely change the interior and expand the building.
The plan calls for two expansions: one on each side of the building where the main entrance is currently located. On the main floor, the expansion to the right of the entrance would provide a 5,500-square-foot dedicated area for aerobics/gymnastics, while the expansion to the left of the entrance would be a 2,100-square-foot area to enlarge the Wellness Center and include bathrooms/ showers. On the second floor, the expansion on the right would be used for tennis courts, while the expansion on the left would be used for racquetball courts.
The expansion would allow the upper level above the gymnasium to be used for a “true” walking track that would not be blocked when people are using the tennis courts.
“It was discussed that if we expanded, that would leave us open for a true walking trail,” said McCord. “Right now, anytime they are playing tennis, you are walking horseshoe backwards. It’s a big complaint from people who come in here to walk.”
The offices, or most of them, would be relocated upstairs, McCord said.
In the area where the offices are currently located, there would be a place for younger children to wait while their parents exercised in the Wellness Center.
“One of our biggest complaints is we don’t allow younger children into the Wellness Center,” said McCord. “It would be a glassed-in area where kids can go and watch TV and hang out while their parents exercise. It’s a place where the kids can go and parents can keep an eye on them.”
Along with an elevator to the second floor and improved bathrooms to make the facility ADA compliant, the basketball court would be completely renovated. McCord says the one large basketball court would be divided into two courts, have stadium seating and a new floor.
The plans are preliminary and the cost was an estimate. Officials voiced approval for the plans, but made no motion to move forward with the project or go out for bids, which would provide them with the actual cost.