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City votes to increase speed on Morrison St.
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McMinnville officials have accepted an ordinance to increase the speed limit on a section of Morrison Street from 30 to 35 mph.
The section in question is from the east end of F.C. Boyd Bridge, locally known as Westwood Bridge, to Westwood 6th Avenue.
Increasing the posted speed moving into downtown McMinnville from Westwood may create the need for a yield sign at the section where Highway 70 and Morford Street traffic merges onto Main Street.
“I definitely think we need a yield sign on that corner,” said Alderman Billy Wood. “We have traffic flowing and there is no yield sign on either side. One lane needs to yield to the other side.”
Wood suggested motorists on Highway 70 yield to Westwood traffic
“It just makes more sense,” he said. “You come around the corner at Hardee’s and go 15 feet or so. That traffic is already going slow.”
The yield sign placement has been discussed by city officials in the past.
“I think we discussed this before,” said Alderman Jimmy Haley. “I think it came back from the state that it wasn’t necessary. I think someone brought that up seven or eight years ago.”
Vice Mayor Everett Brock says he goes through that intersection and is in favor of something being done.
“I go through there every day and it is a pain,” he said.
The state being against a yield sign where traffic merges into oncoming traffic seemed unbelievable to Wood.
“I can’t believe the state would say that from a safety standpoint,” he said. “There used to be a yield sign there. Then, there was a speed bump down the middle of it.”
Board members voted 6-0 to increase the speed limit. Alderman Clair Cochran was absent.
Being an ordinance, the measure requires one more read before the change can be made. The next regular session is schedule for Aug. 23 at 7 p.m.