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City refunds property tax to hospital
It's now nonprofit under Saint Thomas
City attorney Tim Pirtle.
McMinnville officials have relented, refunding Saint Thomas River Park Hospital and Middle Tennessee Surgical Center for property tax totaling $92,021.“Mayor Jimmy Haley and I met with County Executive Herschel Wells and legal counsel for the county,” said city attorney Tim Pirtle. “We investigated the facts on the acquisition and the nature of the entity of Saint Thomas and we did legal research to conclude there are no legal grounds upon which we would be able to successfully appeal the exemption so that’s why the action has been presented to you tonight.”The measures to refund the property tax was on the agenda in December but pulled prior to consideration in order to give Pirtle time to research the tax-exempt status of the hospital. In July 2015, Saint Thomas purchased the remaining half of River Park to take complete ownership of the facility.