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City ready for budget talks
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McMinnville officials will begin budget discussions this Tuesday. Three committees will be meeting to review their department’s proposed budgets for fiscal year 2014-15.The Streets and Sanitation Committee will meet first at 5:30 p.m. Immediately following the 7 p.m. Board of Mayor and Aldermen regular session, Safety Committee and Water and Sewer Committee meetings will be held.The proposed budgets, what is being requested monetarily, and what was given last year are:• Public Works Department – $1.27 million, down from $1.29 million;• Vehicle Maintenance – $292,051, down from $329,695;• Animal Control – $81,150, up from $77,175;• Urban Landscape Management – $221,950, up from $198,210;• Street Aid – $505,988, up from $364,433;• Solid Waste Collection and Disposal – $1.3 million, down from $1.48 million;• Police – $3.4 million, up from $3.2 million;• Drug Fund – $53,300, down from $69,800;• Fire – $2.6 million, up from $2.3 million;• Water and Wastewater – $4.56 million, up from $1.53 million.No meetings have been scheduled to review the proposed budgets for General Government/ Administration, Planning and Zoning Department, or Parks and Recreation Department for fiscal year 2014-15.