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City puts finishing touches on paving
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McMinnville Public Works Department has made a tough decision that might not be a welcome one to residents of Cherry Lane, West Sparta Street and Clark Boulevard. They have been bumped off the paving list for 2014.
The first two streets were removed due to never-ending problems with water and sewer lines in those areas, says Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee.
“I know the residents on Cherry Lane and West Sparta Street have been eagerly awaiting their streets being paved,” said Hennessee. “I truly hate to do this, but water and sewer line replacement efforts have been plagued with continuing and expanding problems that will most likely prevent those two streets from being paved for the foreseeable future.”
In an attempt to prevent newly paved streets from being destroyed by water and sewer line work, Public Works employees have been coordinating with the city’s Water Department employees to do any necessary upgrades prior to paving.
Hennessee says the process is working out well, except for those two streets.
“If any work needs to be done to water and sewer lines, we do that before the green light is given to pave,” said Hennessee. “In the case of Cherry Lane and West Sparta Street, it has been one problem after another. When we fix one problem, another one pops up.”
Clark Boulevard has been removed from the paving list because it shouldn’t have been on it.
“We used a system called a pavement conditioning index to score streets,” said Hennessee. “We used that information to generate our paving list and target the streets in the worst condition. Clark Boulevard’s score was too high to be included on the list. It shouldn’t have made the paving list.”