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City pays employees to get fit
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A new health incentive for city government employees gives them a chance to net some cash for being physically fit. A total of 31 employees passed a fitness test in June and will share $19,100.
“It’s a voluntary program,” said city administrator David Rutherford. “Everyone who signed up to take a test passed.”
The program called Healthy Tomorrow Begins Today started this year and has two standard fitness assessment levels, including the cooper level which is the highest on the test.
In order to achieve the standing of cooper, individuals must complete the following levels of fitness in front of a personal trainer:
• Run 1.5 miles in less than 16 minutes
• Do a 15.5-16 inch vertical jump
• One repetition bench press of .78-.84 percent of body weight
• 25-34 push-ups in one minute
• 30-38 sit-ups in one minute
Individuals successfully completing all five levels are given $750.
In total, 20 employees did — John Austin, Josh Brock, Richard Evans, Colby Henson, Mike Poss, Justin Scott, George Whiles, Josh Baker, Ray Brumley, Corey Floyd, Thomas Lusk, Dan Qualls, Joey Sweat, Jeremy Wilson, Barry Bell, Ben Cantrell, Bryan Denton, Mark Mara, Aaron Roberts and Paul Springer.
Completing three out of four levels and earning $400 were Gary England, Nichole Mosley, Mike Starkey, Andy Evans, Jimmy Priest, Judy Woodlee, Mike Lane, Kristie Sanders and Shannon Slaughter.
Earning $250 for completing two out of four levels were Charles Slaughter and Barry Wanamaker.
The fitness incentive is open to full-time or part-time employees who work more than 1,664 hours per year. Testing is held in June and December. Employees are limited to one monetary award per year.
The fitness assessment typically measures flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. All awards are paid by the city of McMinnville.