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City officials to evaluate Rutherford's performance
Wood thinks questions stacked against city administrator
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McMinnville officials will be evaluating the job performance of city administrator David Rutherford on Aug. 1 at 6 p.m. His contract will be automatically renewed, unless the board votes not to renew it within 10 days of the evaluation.
Mayor Jimmy Haley generated the list of questions, sent the questions to each board member, and sealed the completed evaluations in an envelope until Aug. 1, meaning the items are not public record until that time.
However, he did provide the Southern Standard with a blank copy of the evaluation form. 
Officials were asked to use a 5-point scale with 5 being the highest to rate Rutherford’s job performance. The questions on the evaluation form drew the ire of Alderman Billy Wood, who is disputing the validity of the questions in comparison to Rutherford’s job responsibilities.
“About half these questions are not in the duties of the city administrator,” Wood said. “If they want to fire the man, just do it. Don’t invent job responsibilities and give him a bad annual evaluation to make it look like he isn’t doing his job.”
By Rutherford’s current contract, the term of his agreement with the city is one year and shall be automatically renewed for three additional one-year terms, unless the board votes not to renew the agreement within 10 days following Rutherford’s annual evaluation.
If Rutherford’s services are terminated for any reason other than his failure to perform his duties as agreed, willful misconduct, or his conviction of an illegal act, the board must pay him 14 months severance pay, as well as provide him with health insurance coverage, contribute to his retirement, and provide him with short-term and long-term disability insurance.
In lieu of payments, the board, at its option, may give Rutherford 14 months notice of his termination date and allow him to continue his employment until the termination date at which time Rutherford shall not be entitled to any severance pay, insurance coverage or post-employment retirement contribution.
Also included in the contract is a provision that states Rutherford’s evaluation is in October and gives him a 20-month severance package if he is terminated before that time.
“In the event a new governing board after being seated chooses to terminate Rutherford before his annual evaluation in October, then an additional six months shall be added to the original 14 months severance period.”
The meeting to discuss how individual board members rated Rutherford’s job performance will held at City Hall.