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City officials to consider lighting Pete Holt Field
Pete Holt Field is the only ballfield at the Civic Center without lights. That distinction could end this year if McMinnville officials agree to spend $82,000 adding six concrete poles and 24 metal halide lights at 1,500 watts apiece.

A year after lighting Cat Walker Field, McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord is seeking to add lights to Pete Holt Field.
“We budgeted $80,000 for lighting the field,” said McCord. “The estimate came in at $82,000.”
The quote came from McMinnville Electric System for the installation of six concrete poles, 24 metal halide lights at 1,500 watts apiece, conduit, underground conductor, all necessary electrical equipment, labor and transportation.
According to the quote written by MES manager of engineering and operations Ralph Dunn, the final cost could be less.
“The cost is estimated not to exceed $82,000. The city of McMinnville could see a reduction in this amount by choosing to open and close any trenches, and by installing the electrical service panels. Please keep in mind, this is only an estimate. All expenses will be billed when work is complete,” said Dunn.
The city can reduce the cost by approximately $5,000, said McCord, if it opens and closes any trenches in-house.
In 2015, the city agreed to allow McCord to spend $17,500 to brighten the dimly lit Cat Walker Field. While Pete Holt Field has no lights, Cat Walker Field had approximately half what would be needed to use the field at night. The cost for lighting Pete Holt Field was placed in the department’s 2015-16 fiscal year budget.
Parks and Recreation Committee members Ben Newman, chair, Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner unanimously approved moving forward with lighting the field. The measure will be sent to the full board for its consideration.