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City administrator's performance under review
Bill Brock

Bill Brock is under a performance review by members of the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen. An evaluation will help city officials determine if he has earned a shot at becoming permanent city administrator. Brock has been handling the job since he was named interim city administrator in August 2014.
An evaluation consisting of 45 questions under eight categories has been distributed to elected officials. Brock is supposed to be ranked from 1 to 5 for each question depending on how his performance in that area is perceived.
The questionnaire also includes areas where board members can list Brock’s achievements and performance objectives. Specifically, it asks officials to “list the top three achievements or strong points of the city administrator for the past 12 months” and “list three performance objectives for the city administrator you feel are the most important targets for this year.”
Brock was to receive consideration for permanent city administrator in December, however the measure was tabled to allow time to complete his evaluation.
Among the questions are the following:
• Does the city administrator keep you informed, in a timely manner, of the things you want to know?
• Do reports provide adequate information and analysis to help you make sound decisions?
• Does the city administrator follow up promptly on board requests for information or action without having to be reminded?
• Does the city administrator have adequate knowledge of municipal affairs?
• Does he exercise good judgment?
• Does the city administrator plan ahead, anticipate needs and recognize potential problems?
• Is the city administrator effective in controlling costs through economical utilization of manpower, materials and equipment?
• Does the city administrator have sufficient knowledge of financial matters?
• Is the city administrator successful in guiding people so they work together as a team toward common objectives?
• Is the city administrator willing to address disciplinary problems and take action when warranted?
• Does the city administrator pay sufficient attention to detail to avoid error or things “slipping through the cracks”?
• Does the city administrator generally make a positive impression on citizens and is he respected by McMinnville residents?
• Is he effective in handling disputes or complaints involving citizens?
• Is the city administrator effective representing the city’s interests in dealing with other agencies?
• Is the city administrator’s personality suited to effectively perform his duties?
• Does the city administrator have sufficient leadership characteristics to command respect and good performances from employees?
• Is the city administrator open to new ideas and suggestions for change?
• Does the city administrator create an atmosphere in which employees can enjoy working for the city?
• Is the city administrator able to change his approach to fit new situations?