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Christians have map to Heaven, Bailey says
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The keys to finding your way to Heaven are within the grasp of Christians, preacher Ben Bailey told visitors yesterday at a Friends and Neighbors Luncheon at Central Church of Christ.
Bailey told the audience Christians have all the necessary tools at their disposal.
One of those, he said, is the word of God, which he described as “living, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword.”
Another is the presence of God. “It’s not a scary thing to know God always sees,” said Bailey. “It’s an encouraging thing.”
Another means of encouragement is Jesus Christ himself. Bailey said when people are depressed about their everyday struggles, they need only to think of the hardship Jesus suffered.
Last but not least, Bailey reminded the audience they can always turn to prayer.
“Help is out there and it’s no further than a prayer away,” said Bailey. “When we think about Christ and the power that’s given to each of us, we have everything we need to get to Heaven.”
Yesterday’s free community luncheon concluded a three-day gospel meeting at Central.