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Chilling adventure
Haunted trail begins this weekend
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If you dare, Cedar Grove Fire Department is holding the third annual Bone Cave Haunted Trail beginning this weekend.
This year’s trail will include a Bone Cave Meat Department, along with zombies, evil clowns, ghosts, psychopaths and wild animals leaving carnage everywhere – and looking for more victims in the dark.
“If you stay in the taped area of the trail, you will probably be safe,” said Cedar Grove Fire Department Chief Kevin Bivins. “We never guarantee that though. Last year, we had some people who didn’t make it past the first scene. This year will be scarier than last year.”
For those who visited the trail the past two years, the location has changed.
“We established a new trail just up the road from the last one,” said Bivins. “The parking area is still in the same place. We offer a hay ride from the parking area to the trail. The hay ride is just for fun. No scary guys. If you want to take the hay ride but not walk the trail, that’s fine.”
Unchanged from past years, flashlights and the use of cellphones are prohibited. One glow stick will be given to the leader of each group. Individuals wanting their own glow stick can purchase them prior to the tour for $1.
“You can see about five feet in the darkness with a glow stick,” said Bivins. “We will given only one individual per group a glow stick. If something happens to the lead guy, you have no glow stick. I would want my own glow stick.”
The event is a fundraiser for the fire department. However, there will be no charge for admission. Donations are accepted.
Concessions will be available at the haunted trail.
Bivins says the department makes money with concessions, glow sticks and donations, while giving parents a break on cost.
“There are a lot of families who can’t afford to do activities such as this,” he said. “Yes, we are trying to raise money, but we also want to give mom and dad a break. It’s not fun when your children want to go somewhere and you can’t afford it. If you can give something, that’s great. If not, that’s OK.”
Bone Cave Haunted Trail will be held at 1876 Bone Cave Mountain Road in Rock Island. To get there, take Highway 70S toward Sparta. Turn right at The Landing Shell Station, then follow the signs.
The scares will be offered on Friday and Saturday nights from Oct. 4 through Oct. 26 from dark to 11 p.m. Parental discretion is advised for children. Because the trail is outdoors, visitors are encouraged to dress appropriately.
For more information, call 686-1401.